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No playground area is complete without safety surfacing to cushion a child's fall. The surface around all playground equipment can be a major factor in determining the injury-causing potential of a fall. This is a great surface to have under fitness equipment as well!


Our safety surfacing is made out of 100% recycled rubber that is mixed on site with a binder and then installed by hand and trowelled smooth.  The thickness of the rubber depends on regulated fall height requirements. We are highly trained in this field and we can ensure the safety surface installed by us will meet all requirements and standards set by CPSC, IPEMA, ASTM and ADA guidelines for playground surfacing.


This rubber can be installed to create any shapes or designs specified by you! The Poured-In-Place (or bonded) rubber forms one continuous surface without seams or edges.  It comes in many different colors that can be combined to create multiple themes, designs, or even company logos. 

    Benefits of Poured-In-Place Rubber:

  • Non-slip

  • Impact absorbing

  • Seamless

  • Versatile

  • Available in a wide range of colors

  • Low maintenance



This Poured-In-Place granulated rubber surfacing provides a seamless and crack resistant alternative for areas such as playgrounds, fitness areas, pool decks and walking/running trails. Depending on the fall height requirements set out by the CPSC, the thickness can vary in every pour. With this product your creative thinking can come to life! You can choose your own logo or graphic design to enhance your new surfacing project.


Choose between Loose Fill or Bonded Rubber Mulch. Each made from 100% recycled tire buffings where the only difference between the two is that the bonded mulch is mixed in a permanent polyurethane adhesive to stay in one specific area. Loose Fill Mulch can be moved if desired whereas the Bonded Mulch is a more permanent solution. Compared to the basic wood mulch that is commonly used for gardening and landscaping, this product is very durable and the colors can last 10 or more years. It does not deteriorate, attract insects, or float away. Its porous nature allows water to flow through the mulch, allowing for great use in any area around your home or playground. The advantages of Rubber Mulch consist of its low maintenance, and safe yet attractive alternative to the natural materials such as wood mulch, engineered wood fiber, sand, and gravel.​

​Rubber Trails​

Rubber trails are great alternatives to concrete or asphalt because they reduce aches and pains in your joints usually caused by walking on hard surfaces. This material is also a Pour-In-Place project that is formulated by your choice of either the Rubber Mulch or EPDM. You can also choose to add borders to enhance the edges of your ideal rubber trail.

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